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Hello, I am Walter!

My entrepreneurial journey began five years ago, fueled by a passion for coaching. I experienced a life-changing moment during a Retreat, realizing my true purpose.

Initially, I ventured into Microdosing Coaching, but my interests shifted as my path evolved and I grew closer to Christianity. I discovered a natural talent for marketing and sales, which led me to a new calling. Now, I dedicate myself to helping wellness entrepreneurs and mental health professionals thrive.

As a business strategy and SEO coach, I specialize in digital marketing for coaches. My focus is guiding them through the intricacies of advertising, helping them launch

their private practices and effectively utilizing social media to grow their businesses.

This shift to marketing coaching has enabled me to support and elevate the voices of those in the healing and wellness community, amplifying their global impact.

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Casual image of myself, the founder of a marketing agency for holistic therapists. The background hints at a relaxed, yet focused work environment, symbolizing my approach to innovative digital marketing and client engagement
My partner in a more relaxed setting, symbolizing the balance we maintain between professional rigor and personal well-being, a core value in our work with holistic therapy professionals.

Hi, I am Stefanie!

I would describe myself as an individual who loves to explore a wide array of experiences. Coming from a background where I completed my training as a legal assistant and worked as a civil servant, I realised I was missing a significant element – creativity.

I find immense joy in creating things and taking people with me, showing them the world as I perceive it – diverse, brimming with love, light, colours, creativity, and growth.


Animals, in particular, hold a special place in my heart; our two beloved companions, often referred to as our "babies," infuse our lives with love and joy. We channel this very love back into our projects and relationships with clients.

Together we are:


A heartwarming photo of myself, my partner, and our dogs. This picture encapsulates the essence of our agency – a blend of professional expertise, personal passion, and a nurturing environment, all crucial in the world of holistic therapy marketing.
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